Workers'  Compensation

Let Employers Personnel assume your workers’ compensation liabilities, risk management, and handle all claims. 

Improved Cash Flow:
Enjoy pay-as-you-go freedom for workers’ compensation insurance, as well as no expense constant or large down payment. Employers Personnel requires no down payment, and premiums are based upon actual payroll, so there are no year end audits.

Stable Lower Costs:
Allow us to better manage, and even lower your workers’ compensation-related costs, as we spread the risk over a pool of thousands of employees.

Certificates Of Insurance:
Receive speedy delivery of workers’ compensation certificates for proof of insurance when you need it. Simply call, fax, or email your Service Representative. Most requests are handled within 24 hours.

Help with Loss Prevention:
Prevent accidents before they occur with consultative help from our highly trained Risk Managers and proactive safety programs.

Easy Claims Administration:
Receive arrangements for the immediate treatment of injured workers and fast claims-reporting when workers’ compensation injuries occur. Call one of our trained professionals 24 hours a day 7 days a week and immediate work with the insurance carrier will begin.