About  Employers Personnel

When you partner with Employers Personnel, you provide your company and employees with the highest level of HR solutions and benefits available.

For years, the Employers Personnel family has provided “best in class” solutions to clients of all sizes. Backed by the resources of a major growth equity firm, we are on course to become one of the largest and most financially secure privately-held HR solutions groups in the United States. Our strategy for success is a combination of organic growth supplemented by strategic acquisition. In every decision we make, we keep our clients’ needs top of mind.

People  First

While having cutting edge technology to manage our operations is important, we are not like many of the large HR or payroll outsourcing conglomerates. We don’t value technology over people. We take pride in treating each new client as if it were our first. With Employers Personnel, you can expect a prompt response to any question or concern, personal service with a smile, and an ongoing relationship you can trust.

Why Choose  Us

Claims Support

Let us manage all your workers’ compensation and unemployment claims.

Experienced Professionals

Count on our experts in payroll, benefits, human resources, claims management, and safety.

Professional Assistance

We assist you with compliance in labor laws, OSHA, benefits laws and many more.

Less Complexity

Have more time to focus on your bottom line.

In  Good Company

"PEOs provide SMBs with comprehensive solutions for all their human resources (HR) needs, including payroll, benefits, tax administration, regulatory compliance assistance, and other HR-related functions. By taking those responsibilities off the plates of small business owners, PEOs allow them to devote more energy and resources to boosting productivity, increasing revenues and profits, and focusing on their core mission."
Inc. Magazine

Competitive  Advantage

Managing increasingly complex employee-related matters and keeping on top of changes in human resources management or new labor laws and regulations takes up a great deal of time and energy.

Instead of focusing on employee relations, health benefits, workers’ compensation claims, payroll, payroll tax compliance, and unemployment insurance claims, today’s businesses contract with Employers Personnel to assume these responsibilities and provide expertise in human resources management. This allows them to remain focused on the operational and revenue-producing side of their operations. Let Employers Personnel be your PEO of choice. Contact us today to learn more.