Employee  Benefits

Here is how our employee benefits work for you:

Your Choice Of Medical Plans:
Feel good about the choice of medical coverage you provide your employees. Employers Personnel offers medical plans from all of the industry leaders. Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans feature comprehensive health care coverage with the lowest out-of-pocket expense. Point Of Service (POS) plans offer freedom of choice in allowing you to use in network providers or out of network providers at a slightly higher out-of-pocket expense.

Dental Plans:
Provide your employees with a full spectrum of dental care when you say yes to plans offered by Employers Personnel. From routine checkups and cleanings, to more complex procedures, we have plans available to fit your needs.

401(K) Retirement Plan:
Save thousands in start-up and maintenance fees with a 401(K) Retirement Plan from Employers Personnel. Our 401(K) Retirement Plan allows your employees to put a portion of their pre-tax salary into a tax sheltered account at a nominal cost.

Other Valuable Benefits:
Help your company remain a desirable place to work with additional benefits from Employers Personnel. We offer a variety of benefits that are crucial to employee retention in this day and age. These include life insurance, long and short term disability, vision care, and credit union membership.